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How to make your robot designed to teach anyone how to create a Robot step by step, using sensors, actuators, motors and programming it yourself. In short everything you need to know to create a robot from scratch.

After many years searching and interesting about the subject of robotics, I had many difficulties to find pages where they explain it step by step how to build a robot.. are you the same feeling?, I have finally decided to create my site and posting my own experience and knowledge, I hope you find them useful and enjoy it as much as I do in creating this portal.

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By the way, I have not submitted!, my name is Enrique, and studied electronics and telecommunications, and robotics always fascinated me, I had the good fortune to make some progress on Robotics (basic), and also to work in industrial environments, where I'm usually in contact with a robot, this page I will slowly try to expose what is on the theme of robotics.

My idea and objective is, using this page, which it intends to build their robot and... who knows? We are creating a new Jhonny nº5?. We also encourage you to send me suggestions, questions, and improvements to this website will help anyone with a fancy (as I had) to make a robot. Do not you think twice to send me an e-mail, It's good to receive one from time to time ...;P

Not to miss, I have divided the site into four main sections, each of these major sections has a sub-section to deepen even more in each issue also features a forum ComoHacerTuRobot to resolve the doubts which arise when building your Robot.

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Sub-menu Tips and Tricks for each s section, you'll find on the left side of the web.

In some major sections of the page, there is a section of tips and tricks, you can find it in the bottom left of each page, you can access them by clicking on the links in the blue box.

Well, for starters I recommend you to go to the electronics, is one of the most important because we need adicional circuits for our robot, then follow by the Program, you'll find everything you need to know about this issue as Schedule the PIC, such as recording ... etc. Then, one section that I really like, WorkHouse here, we'll use the pliers!, sensors and motors. And finally you can get a tour of the Forum to find answers to all questions you may arise during the construction of your robot.

No matter how silly you think your question, do it! it is better to be a fool 5 minutes that all life is not it? do not hesitate and planteala, sure that there are people wondering the same thing!. With all this I hope it's enough for you to build your robot.

Well I hope you're ready to go! You only have to spend time, and if you have any questions ... Sun a're not, take a tour of the Forum and pose your questions, ComoHacerTuRobot Friends will be happy to help.

By Kike